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Course NTC Network Training Center

System & Network Foundation

NTC provides a 3-area of foundation courses for junior technician or IT 
"Fundamental Networking (FN)"
This course introduces the background of Data Communication aim for junior technician or IT who might not familiar with Computer Network. The content covers the basic knowledge needed for System Engineer, System Admin etc, in order to perform and be in charge of taking care the network system. Both theory and hands-on lap would be studied and discussed in the class facilitating the attendees to be able to get familiar and to implement the real devices as Router and Switch.  
"Fundamental Wireless LAN (FWL)"
The course is designed for wireless device installation which is highly required for any organization recently. Upon the completion of the class, the attendee would be expected to be able to install and implement the wireless network or to build our own internet café , including to the security standard consideration.
"Fundamental Information Security (FIS)"
For security of network, Information security seems to be vital by itself since there are many types of electronic crimes and cyber terrorism nowadays. To have a secure system is required to in order to protect and to find out if there is any risk such as virus , hacking and etc. The security designed will also be covered in order to educate against the device  to detect and protect such as Firewall , IDS  , Etc.


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