Certified Information Technology Specialist (CITS)

Duration: 3 Days

Language: Conducted in English by EPI Certified Instructors


  • CITS Manual
  • CITS Exam Tutorial
  • CITS Exam (Take exam on the last training day)
  • Attendant Certificate
  • Lunch&Coffee Breaks

Certified Information Technology Specialist (CITS) 


Working in the IT industry is a true challenge. The ever growing complexity and integration of business processes and the continuous evolvement of information technology have reached levels never seen before and to keep up with all the changes is truly demanding.

This has led to a serious shortage of skilled IT workers that are relevant and updated on the changes in the industry. The high demand for skilled IT workers is still growing and becoming more critical than ever before. It is imperative that an IT professional continue leveraging himself/herself to remain relevant in the industry.


EPI IT Training Framework

EPI has developed the first and only vendor-neutral competency-based IT Training Framework in the world to address the need for IT competency training and certification for IT professionals to keep up-to-date and remain relevant.  It is also the first and only IT Training Framework which is aligned with the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF).

The EPI IT Training Framework offers a career track at three levels, CITP (Certified IT Professional), CITS (Certified IT Specialist) and CITE (Certified IT Expert).  The three training courses are independent.  An IT professional can enter the track at any level upon meeting the pre-requisite on number of years’ experience.


CITS (Certified IT Specialist)

CITS is the second course in the EPI IT Training Framework. The CITS course is aligned with competence level-3 of the e-CF.

CITS is a 3-day course designed to teach the skills, knowledge and competencies required of the modern IT specialist working at the team-leader, supervisor or management level in IT management. Candidates who successfully complete the course and pass the CITS exam will be awarded the globally recognised CITS credential.  This will prove that they have gained the competences required to manage IT teams successfully, and be able to place themselves above their peers, delivering added value to their organisations.



This course is most suited for seasoned IT professionals who have a need to understand the current requirements and core competences for managing IT in mission-critical environments. It is best suited for participants who have between two and four years of actual working experience in IT, with knowledge of systems, network and/or applications, service desk operations and/or IT professionals working in the position of team leader/supervisor/ manager in any area of IT.  This includes those individuals working in the field of sales and consultancy with solution providers.



To gain the most from this course, the participant should have two to four years of actual working experience in IT.


European e-Competence Framework (e-CF)

The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) provides a reference of 40 competences as required and applied at the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workplace, using a common language for competences, skills and proficiency levels.

It enables the identification of skills, competences and competence levels that may be required to successfully perform duties and fulfill responsibilities related to the ICT workplace. The widespread adoption of the e-CF by companies and organisations throughout Europe has started to increase the transparency, mobility and efficiency of ICT sector related human resources. More information can be found at www.ecompetences.eu


Course Benefits

After completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Provide guidance and implementation for IT strategy as set by senior IT and business management
  • Select and manage staff, implement training programs, career plan development and job rotation programs
  • Select, evaluate and negotiate vendors using RFI, RFP and selection criteria
  • Provide guidance for developing, testing and implementing business applications
  • Manage and/or assist in IT project management
  • Design and implement service management processes for incident, problem and change management
  • Understand the need for business continuity and design the business continuity plan
  • Review and implement information security practices and controls
  • Assist and initiate risk management practices
  • Understand and select new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and social media to support business change demands
  • Select strategies for information management
  • Measure and improve quality of IT services

Course Syllabus

  • IT Strategy
  • IT Organisation
  • Vendor Selection / Management
  • Project Management
  • Application Management
  • Service Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Risk Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Business Change Management
  • Quality Management
The 75 min closed-book certification exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must achieve a minimum of 35 correct answers to pass the exam. Attendees who successfully pass the exam will receive the official ‘Certified Information Technology Specialist’ certificate. The certification is valid for three years after which the student needs to re-certify.

Global Accreditation & Recognition

*Silver Authorized Partner: Network Training Center Co., Ltd. (NTC)

  Course Duration

         3 Days

 Price List

          59,000 Baht
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  Available Schedule

05 - 07 Jun 2019
13 - 15 Nov 2019