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Linux System Administrator Part 2 (LNX 2)

Duration 3 Days (09:00 A.M. – 17:00 P.M.)
This course is designed for IT professionals working about Linux system administrator. It is follow up to Linux System Administrator I and continues to study advance of Linux in depth and more application module.
Already take course Linux System Administrator I (LNX01) or familiar and more experience Linux system basic.
Day 1
1. History of Linux
2. Partition and Directory on Linux
3. File system and Directory structure
4. Prompt for user and super user
5. Login/logout and sudo command
6. Basic Linux command
7. Re-direction symbol and information (>, >>, |, 2>)
8. Fundamental Vi editor 
9. Fundamental Linux shell
10. Basic shell script
11. Basic network command
12. Schedule task with cron
13. Monitor and Controller System tool (top, ps, kill)
14. Runlevels
15. Shutdown
16. Installation Fedora Linux
17. Managing flexible storage with the Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
Day 2
1. Fundamental Linux kernel
2. Kernel directory structure
3. Recompile and install kernel
4. Tuning and maintaining the kernel
5. Managing and tuning service
6. Control the Boot Process
7. System recovery techniques
8. Fundamental LDAP 
9. Installation and maintenance LDAP daemon
10. Network user accounts with LDAP
11. Automated installations of Linux Enterprise
12. Fundamental of Virtual Machine
13. Installation and maintenance virtual machine
14. NFS (Network File System)
Day 3
1. Fundamental DHCP
2. Installation and manage DHCP service
3. Fundamental NTP service
4. Installation and manage NTP service
5. Fundamental Web server
6. Installation and manage web server
7. Fundamental Web proxy
8. Installation and manage Squid web proxy
9. Fundamental Mysql database server
10. Installation and manage Mysql database via PhpMyadmin
11. Fundamental Cacti
12. Installation and manage Cacti
13. System management tool (webmin)
14. Installation and manage webmin
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