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Team Building (TB)

A two-day workshop (English or Thai)


Effective teamwork is critical to effective organizations. Teamwork does not just happen – it must be developed and happen. An organization can achieve much more from and through effective teamwork that from individual performances.


Learn how to:

  • Work together (build a team that functions effectively)
  • Lead a team to achieve the desired results
  • Resolve conflict among team members
  • Make decisions that satisfy all team members
  • Use practices techniques for different settings
  • Set challenging but achievable team goals
  • Establish a productive environment
  • Build trust in team members
  • Use group dynamics
  • Solve problems as a team


Key Objectives:

The course provides a reliable and practical guide to team leadership, as well as tools and tips for team leaders and team members at all levels in the organizations. Effective team leaders ensure team members are aware of team objectives, direct and motivate staff to excel, encourage staff to develop their own ideas, review work of others, provide constructive feedback, contribute to staff development, provide support and guidance, and create a good team spirit.



The contents of the course include:

Understand how teams work                                                    

•        What makes a good team?                                           

•        Matching teams to task                                                  

•        Maximizing performance                                               

•        Creating a self-managed team                                                    

•        Talking on an existing team                                           

Improving team efficiency

  • Rating team leadership
  • Analyzing team dynamics
  • Communicating efficiency
  • Running team meetings
  • Networking a team
  • Sharing information outside a team

Working for the future

  • Measuring performance
  • Tracking team performance
  • Training a team
  • Setting targets
  • Rewarding performance
  • Adjusting to change
  • Planning future goals for a team


By the end of the workshop,

The participants will have/be able to:

  • Roles within teams and two types of role each participant could play to help the team become more effective
  • The importance of team planning and communication
  • The concept of team cohesiveness and team building, as well as their relationship with team performance
  • Creativity skills and how they affect teamwork effectiveness


Method/ style:

The team building course may be of two types (or a combination of the two)

  • A classroom-based programme consisting of lectures and participatory activities, such as role plays, case studies, management games, etc.
  • A practical activities-based programme including team games and physical activities undertaken on a team-based approach

The objectives of these two different programmes are similar, however, the methodologies differ somewhat.


Who should attend:

All staff involved in team leadership or team membership.

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