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Implementing Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC)

Duration: 3 days    

Course Content 

Network Access Devices (NADs) Switch (layer 2): NAC Phase 2 Network devices that enforce admission control policy on switches. This devices demand host security "credentials" and relay this information to policy servers, where network admission control decisions are made. Based on customer-defined policy, the network will enforce the appropriate admission control decision, permit, deny, quarantine, or restrict.

Course Objective

  • Understand how Cisco NAC operates  
  • Configure Cisco Secure ACS to operate as a Cisco NAC AAA policy server  
  • Configure Cisco IOS routers, switches, and access points to act as Cisco NAC NADs
  • Configure Cisco agents to act as Cisco NAC clients  
  • Configure a Trend Micro policy server to operate as an external Cisco NAC policy server  


Course Outline  

  • Course Introduction  
  • Implementing Cisco NAC  
  • Understanding Cisco NAC  
  • Configuring Cisco Secure ACS for Cisco NAC  
  • Configuring Cisco Routers for Cisco NAC  
  • Configuring Cisco Switches for Cisco NAC  
  • Configuring Cisco NAC Agents  
  • Configuring Wireless Access Points for Cisco NAC  



  • Certification as a CCSP or the equivalent knowledge  
  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system  
  • Familiarity with networking and security terminology and concepts  
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