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PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

Duration: 5 Days



This five-day accredited course provides participants with a thorough grounding in PRINCE2® and is comprised of three main elements.

The first elementprovides Coverage of PRINCE2 principles

  • The need for structured project management
  • Why pragmatic and intelligent use of methods is so important
  • How PRINCE2 can be employed to achieve business-related objectives

The second elementconsiders the method itself:

  • The structure of PRINCE2
  • How the major themes and processes work on their own as well as together.  The themes are      examined in detail as are the processes and their related activities
  • How the roles associated with the PRINCE2 method can be made really effective.

The third elementdeals with the tailoring of PRINCE2 and explores the need for tailoring the method when introducing it into a different environments and using it in different sizes of project, always bearing in mind the need to keep bureaucracy to a minimum.

Presented by skilled lecturers with extensive experience in the practical application of project management, the course includes examination coaching and practice using sample questions.

All delegates will sit the PRINCE2 Foundation examination (a multiple choice paper) in the late afternoon of the third day of the course. Delegates who wish to appear on the central register for qualified PRINCE2 Practitioners may sit the Practitioner examination on the afternoon of the fifth day of the course. Photo ID is required to take these exams.

Flexibility is a key issue within the PRINCE2 examination; therefore delegates can either take the examination on the final day of the course or at a later date when they are feeling more confident of their understanding of the method and its application. Delegates choosing to take the examination at a later date will attend the first 3 days of the course and return to attend the final 2 days, taking the examination on the afternoon of the second day. When making your booking please advise of your attendance preference, as the option to take the exam at a later date involves two separate bookings.  



The PRINCE2 Practitioners course is intended for managers and potential PRINCE2 practitioners who require hands-on experience of the method, themes, processes and activities. Delegates are likely to have experience of team leading, project management, project assurance/support or user management.


Delegates will learn how to

  • Understand the philosophy and structure of PRINCE2
  • Understand the benefits that can accrue from the implementation of a structured project management method such as PRINCE2
  • Explain the PRINCE2 process model
  • Understand the PRINCE2 themes
  • Create a Project Brief
  • Create a Project Organization Structure
  • Initiate a project and create Project Initiation Documentation
  • Appreciate the use of PRINCE2 products and plans
  • Apply progress control mechanisms
  • Appreciate the principles of PRINCE2 Quality Management
  • Apply change control mechanisms
  • Realize the importance of Configuration Management use the PRINCE2 Risk Management approach
  • Tune PRINCE2:2009 for differing environments


Course Outline

PRINCE2 Philosophy

  • What PRINCE2 is and what it is not; PRINCE2 - links with other project/programme management standards. How it enhances the possibilities of Project Success. Overview of Tailoring PRINCE2  ; The PRINCE2 Principles


The Structure of PRINCE2

  • Relationship between the PRINCE2 Processes, Activities and Themes; High level PRINCE2 Process map


Project Start Up and Organisation

  • How PRINCE2 endeavors to answer the question, 'Do we have a viable and worthwhile Project?'; How PRINCE2 ensures that the right people are involved with a clearly defined set of responsibilities


Project Initiation and the PID

  • The PRINCE2 approach to successfully initiating a project and creating the PID, or Project Baseline


PRINCE2 Themes

  • Setting up the Project Management Team using the Organization theme
  • The importance of the business case. How the business case is created and maintained.
  • Planning the project, stage, team activities and exceptions. The PRINCE2 unique product-based framework; Product Based Planning. Staging the project plan
  • The approach to risk/opportunity analysis using the Risk theme.
  • Ensuring the delivery of a quality product using the quality theme.
  • Monitoring & controlling progress. The PRINCE2 control mechanisms that ensure that the project is producing the required products which meet the defined quality criteria, is on schedule and remains viable against its business case
  • Dealing with changes


Practitioner Preparation and Application of PRINCE2

  • Explanation of mechanics of Practitioner examination; Examination techniques; Samples of Practitioner questions on the application of PRINCE2; Question and answer session; Revision of major topics


PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Examinations

All delegates will sit the PRINCE2 Foundation examination (a multiple choice paper) in the late afternoon of the third day of the course. Delegates who wish to appear on the central register for qualified PRINCE2 Practitioners may sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination on the fifth day of the course.


Please Note: The last day (Day 5) will finish by 4pm after the conclusion of the Practitioner exam

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