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Hardening and Auditing Databases Security (HDB)


Duration 3 Days



This hands-on course is intended for auditors and security specialists who are aware their businesses use database systems, but do not understand the database platform and therefore the risks it may carry. You will learn how database is built and a concept of what the various categories of user do on the database and the risks they carry.

The hands-on labs will show you how to scan the system for vulnerabilities and how to harden the system



  • To learn the fundamental concepts behind database system
  • To study key components within a database deployment
  • To study the process of thorough database assessment, including tools and methodologies
  • To learn techniques used by hackers to exploit database flaws and vulnerabilities
  • To learn how to audit and harden database system



 Module 1 RDBMS Security Elements

  •  Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Audit
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Remote Database Features
  • External Elements


Module 2 Database Authentication

  • Database user accounts
  • Authentication Methods


Module 3 Database Authorization

  • DBA Privilege
  • Database Object Privileges
  • Access Controls
  • Default Database User Privileges


Module 4 Database Confidentiality

  • Data Encryption
  • DDL Encryption
  • Transport Encryption


Module 5 Database Integrity

  • Data Types and Data Constraints
  • Referential Integrity
  • Transaction Log and Automatic Recovery Process
  • Transaction Log Protection


Module 6 RDBMS and Database Audit

  • Auditing Configuration
  • Auditing of privileged activities


Module 7 High Availability and Redundancy Deployments

  • RAID
  • Replication and Federation
  • Database Clustering
  • Backup and Recovery


Module 8 OS Hardening

  • Microsoft Windows Security Checklists
  • Unix/Linux Security Checklists


Module 9 Database Application Security

  • Application Security Concept
  • Application-Tier Threats



  • Knowledge about administering database management system
  • Knowledge about information security
  • Knowledge about SQL language



  • Database Administrators
  • Systems Administrators
  • IT Security Officer
  • Database Application Developers
  • IT Auditors



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