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Python for Network Engineer

Duration 3 Days
Basic Programming in Python
  • Installing and Preparing Environment
  • String and Console Output
  • Variable and Data type
  • Condition and Control Flow
  • Function
  • Loop
  • Introduction to Classes
  • File Input and Output
Python SSH Library
  • Understanding SSH Library
  • Using Python to establish SSHv2 connection to the router and send CLI commands
  • Configure Cisco routers for Telnet and SSH access
  • Using the Python interpreter shell
  • Passing arguments to a Python script
  • Accepting user input into a Python program
Python Scripting for Cisco devices
  • Cisco Python Package
  • Using CLI Command API’s
  • Display Formats
  • Non-interactive Python
  • Running Scripts with Embedded Event Manager
  • Using Python to query SNMP objects on a router
  • Building Python Applications
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