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Zimbra 8.7 update

Duration: 1 Day
Zimbra is an enterprise-class email with a full-featured messaging and collaboration application that offers reliable, email, address books, calendaring, task lists, and Web document authoring capabilities. Over 500 million people rely on Zimbra and enjoy enterprise-class open source email collaboration at the lowest TCO in the industry.
In this one-day update course will benefit for the person who already use or looking for mail server software for their company. Zimbra have 2 editions which have many features like Microsoft Exchange server, but lower cost if compare with Microsoft Exchange. 
The class will talking about new features on new release and fixed issue from previous version. Some features which release on next release.
  • Module 1: What is Zimbra Collaboration Server?
  • Module 2: Zimbra Overview, Features
  • Module 3: Zimbra Collaboration Product Editions
  • Module 4: System Requirement
  • Module 5: Operation Support
  • Module 6: Zimbra 8.7 Update
  • Module 7: Fixed Issues from 8.6
  • Module 8: Zimbra OSE + Z-PUSH (ActiveSync)
The Zimbra 8.7 course is most interesting for business and management professionals, including:
  • Organization/Small and Medium Enterprises/Startup or anyone who looking for a mail server like Zimbra
  • Zimbra users who want to update feature in Zimbra 8.7 version 
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