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IT Disaster Recovery Planning Development (ITDRP)


Duration: 3 days


Course Objective

To introduce Disaster Recovery or IT Contingency Planning for IT to support their organization’s Business Continuity Needs.


Course Outline

·         Introduction to Disaster Recovery Planning

o    Business Continuity Plan and  Disaster Recovery Plan

o    Disasters / Crisis

o    Type of Plan (BCP, COOP, IT Contingency, DRP, OEP, etc.)

o    Disaster Recovery Needs & Benefits

o    Terminology

o    Standards

·         Disaster Recovery / IT Contingency Planning Process

o    Where to Start?

°          Interim Solution / Real Detail Plan

°          Starting as a Project

o    DR/IT Contingency Policy

o    Business Impact Analysis

°          Business Process vs. IT Components

o    Risk Assessment

°          Critical Components

°          MTD, RTO, RPO

o    Identify Preventive Control

o    Create DR/IT Contingency Strategies

°          Users

°          Facilities

°          System/Network

°          Data

°          Cost Considerations

°          Develop Sequential Recovery Strategy

·         Develop Detail Disaster Recovery / IT Contingency Plan

o    Structuring the Plan

°          Activation & Notification Phase

°          Recovery Phase

°          Reconstitution Phase

o    Supporting Information

o    Roles & Responsibilities

·         Disaster Recovery / IT Contingency Plan Testing and Maintenance

o    Testing  and Awareness

o    Training

o    Scenarios

o    Communication Planning

o    Exercise (Drill)

·         Critical Success Factor for Disaster Recovery / IT Contingency Planning 


Target Audience:  

IT Manager, Business Continuity Manager, Operation Manager, IT Professional, and other IT-related functions.

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