Programming & Software Development

Python Foundation (PF)

Duration 2 Days

This course introduces the student to the Python language. Upon completion of this class, the student will be able to write non-trivial Python programs dealing with a wide variety of subject matter domains. Topics include language components, working with a professional IDE, control flow constructs, strings, I/O, collections, classes, modules, and regular expressions. The course is supplemented with many hands-on labs, solutions, and code examples.


  • Intro Python 
  • Install Python Runtime 
  • Variables & Types 
  • Operators 
  • Decision & Loops 
  • Functions 
  • Modules 
  • Files I/O 
  • Error & Exceptions
  • Regular Expression


Anyone who needs to learn how to write programs in Python or wants solid exposure to Python as their first programming language. 



Optimally, students will have experience with at least one programming or scripting language e.g., C, C++, Java, etc. Python is a great first language very approachable and easy to learn.

  Course Duration

         2 Days

 Price List

          17,500 Baht
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  Available Schedule

04 - 05 May 2020
09 - 10 Jul 2020
14 - 15 Sep 2020
16 - 17 Nov 2020