IT Ops is Dead! Long Live IT Ops

FREE Webinar – IT Ops is Dead! Long Live IT Ops

FREE Webinar – IT Ops is Dead! Long Live IT Ops!
Fri, Jul 17, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (BANGKOK TIME)

With the emergence of DevOps and practices such as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), many leaders across IT have predicted that IT Operations will be a future thing-of-the-past. That is the prediction of several technologists and IT thought leaders.

In this webinar, we review the role of IT Operations, the emergence of SRE and what the future holds for the thousands of people that are serving the business in their various roles in IT Ops.

Speakers: Feisal Ismail (Principal Consultant - Sapience Consulting)

Topics covered:

  • The evolving role and demands of IT Operations 
  • Emergence of the SRE 
  • ITSM and SRE - Conflict or Synergy? 
  • Knowledge journey of the SRE


  • a) To raise awareness of Site Reliability Engineering and ITIL4 next level courses 
  • b) To generate demand for SRE Foundation and ITIL4 next level courses
Target Audience:
  • ITIL4 Foundational candidates 
  • IT Operations personnel in traditional IT 
  • IT Operations personnel supporting DevOps practices and pipelines 
  • Anyone interested in DevOps and SRE
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