CompTIA Cloud Essentials


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The CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification focuses on the real-world issues and practical solutions of cloud computing in business and IT. It’s the preferred cloud certification for business professionals and non-IT staff. While it isn’t a technical-heavy certification, its coverage of cloud computing principles is anything but superficial.

More and more companies are shifting to a cloud computing model of doing business. With fewer infrastructure demands and more flexibility for staff members, the reasoning is clear from the businesses’ perspective. Hiring certified professionals with proven knowledge in cloud computing is the clear next step. CompTIA Cloud Essentials ensures that you and all other necessary staff members—not just the IT specialists—understand cloud computing and the work it takes to move and govern the cloud.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of cloud computing. 
  • Learn the business aspects and impact of cloud computing. 
  • Differentiate the types of cloud solutions and the adoption measures needed for each. 
  • Identify the technical challenges and the mitigation measures involved in cloud computing. 
  • identify the steps to successfully adopt cloud services. 
  • Identify the basic concepts of ITIL and describe how the ITIL framework is useful in the implementation of cloud computing in an organization. 
  • Identify the possible risks involved in cloud computing and the risk mitigation measures, and you will also identify the potential cost considerations for the implementation of cloud and its strategic benefits.
  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Business value of cloud computing
  • Technical perspectives of cloud computing
  • Technical challenges of cloud computing
  • Steps to successful adoption of cloud services
  • ITIL and cloud computing
  • Identifying risks and consequences


The CompTIA Cloud Essential Specialty certification is relevant to IT specialists, IT technical services specialists, IT relationship managers, IT architects, consultants, business and IT management, business process owners, and analysts

CompTIA recommends that a candidate have at least six months of experience in an IT environment, with direct involvement in IT-related tasks, responsibilities and/or decision-making. It is also recommended that the candidate take the following course: Introduction to Network Design and Management.