Hardening Network Infrastructure


5  Days


42,000  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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This Course teaches you how to protect your infrastructure and protect your network by using network security technology such as Firewall, Proxy IDS/IPS and harden Operating system and services and Network device such as Routers/Switches and also how to manage your network with network monitoring tools to detect threats.

  • To understand Information Security Hardening Concept
  • To understand Network Infrastructure Security Design
  • To understand and Implement Operating System Security
  • To understand and Implement Network Devices Security
  • To understand and Implement Security Monitoring Concept
  • To understand and Implement Security Devices in Network Infrastructure
  • Module 1: Network Threats
  • Module 2: OS Hardening
  • Module 3: Hardening your Network with Firewall
  • Module 4: Hardening your Network with Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Module 5: Implement VPN and Dial-in Remote Access
  • Module 6: Hardening Routers and Switches
  • Module 7: Secure Network with Content Filters
  • Module 8: Hardening Wireless LAN Connection
  • Module 9: Implement AAA
  • Module 10: Hardening your Network with Network management
  • Module 11: Implementing a Secure Perimeter


  • Network and Systems Administrators
  • Network and Systems Engineers
  • Information Security Professional
  • Knowledge of network fundamentals including OSI model, TCP/IP Protocol, and basic Cisco hardware familiarity.
  • Existing Internetworking knowledge.
  • Knowledge about Basic Operating system (Windows, Linux)