Malware Forensics for Forensic Investigator and Incident Response Team


5  Days


52,000  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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  • Assembling a toolkit for effective malware analysis, Examining static properties of suspicious programs
  • Recognizing common malware characteristics at the Windows API level (registry manipulation, keylogging, HTTP communications, droppers)
  • Analysis of Executable Files, Malicious Document Files, ZIP and Rar files, Network Traffic Capture Packets, and many more sample malicious files.
  • In-Depth Analysis of Malicious Browser Scripts and Web-Based Malware.
  • Static and Dynamic Methods for Malware Analysis Using Memory Forensics and Malware Code and Behavioral Analysis Fundamentals.
  • Reversing Malicious Code, Analyzing techniques that malware use to protect malicious software from being examined
  • Network Administrator who are working in the areas of computer and network security
  • Incident Response Team Members who regularly respond to complex security incidents/intrusions from APT groups/advanced adversaries
  • Digital Forensic Analysts who want to investigate cyber incidences and advanced intrusion attacks.
  • Information Security Staffs who are dealing with cyber-attacks and data breach incidents and intrusions
  • IT staffs who are interested in the area of cyber security and digital forensics, and need to know how to detect, investigate, remediate, and recover from compromised systems


  • General knowledge of computer and network system.
  • Some experience in computer programming languages.
  • Background in assembly, hex editor, disassembler tools, etc.
  • Some basic of Linux command