Computer and Network Evidence Handling and Analysis


5  Days


40,000  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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This course provides technical techniques and processes to handle and analyze digital evidences. 

  • Digital evidence acquisition techniques and tools for Windows and Linux, Triage process and tools, Static evidence gathering techniques, Live evidence acquisition techniques and tools
  • Windows registry analysis techniques and tools, Additional key artifacts analysis, System and events log analysis
  • Internet and Web browser artifacts, Network traffic aggregation and analysis, Network traffic analysis techniques and tools, Network Log aggregation and analysis
  • Computer and Network forensic case study and challenges


  • General knowledge of computer and operating system.
  • Some experience in computer programming languages.
  • Background in Computer Network and Tools such as Wireshark.
  • Some basic of Linux command.

A system administrator, a security analyst, and a forensic investigator with some background in conducting forensic analysis, network traffic analysis, log analysis, and security assessments. It is also well suited for those managing CIRT / incident response teams, or those in roles that require oversight of forensic analysis and other investigative tasks.