Linux System Administrator Part 1


3  Days


17,500  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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This course is designed for IT staff that is new to Linux and plan to Linux system administrator. In course, students will be able to perform installation, network configure, manage physical storage, and understand system administrator work.

Day 1

  • History of Linux
  • History of Red Hat, CentOS and Fedora
  • Partition on Linux
  • LVM concept and Tool
  • Fundamental of File system structure
  • Fundamental of TCP/IP Networking
  • Prepare information for 1st time Linux installation
  • Step-by-Step 1st time Linux installation
  • Post installation check and setting
  • Basic Linux command
  • Add and Delete User
  • Basic command for file and directory management
  • Runlevels
  • Shutdown
  • Summary and Q&A


Day 2

  • Another Linux distribution
  • Difference between UNIX and Linux
  • Root and user prompt
  • Re-direction symbol and information (>, >>, |, 2>)
  • Shell script fundamental
  • Schedule task with cron
  • Disk partition management
  • Monitor and Controller System tool (top, ps, kill)
  • Standard system and service log file
  • Install Fedora
  • RAID concept
  • Linux RAID Subsystems
  • Summary Q&AStandard system and service log file


Day 3

  • Management and routine work for System Administrator
  • Basic TCP/IP network command (ifconfig, netstat, route)
  • Network environment file (hosts file,hostname, nsswitch.conf)
  • Software update and Package management (GUI and yum)
  • Remote from another machine to Linux (telnet, secure shell, GUI remote)
  • Manage a firewall and understand SELinux concepts and manage SELinux
  • Pack/unpack command (zip, tar, cpio)
  • Archive Manager (GUI Tool)
  • Backup and restore concept and command
  • Deploy an FTP server and web server
  • Configure general service and chkconfig
  • Problem and troubleshooting
  • Summary and Q&A