Linux System Administrator Part 2


3  Days


19,500  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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This course is designed for IT professionals working about Linux system administrator. It is follow up to Linux System Administrator I and continues to study advance of Linux in depth and more application module.

Day 1

  • System Administrator job
  • Management and routine work for System Administrator
  • Basic TCP/IP network command (ifconfig, netstat, route)
  • Network environment file (hosts file,hostname, nsswitch.conf)
  • Software update and Package management (GUI and yum)
  • Remote from another machine to Linux (telnet, secure shell, GUI remote)
  • Manage a firewall and understand SELinux concepts and manage SELinux
  • Pack/unpack command (zip, tar, cpio)
  • Archive Manager (GUI Tool)
  • Backup and restore concept and command
  • Deploy an FTP server and web server
  • Configure general service and chkconfig
  • Problem and troubleshooting
  • Summary and Q&A

Day 2

  • Fundamental Linux kernel
  • Kernel directory structure
  • Recompile and install kernel
  • Tuning and maintaining the kernel
  • Managing and tuning service
  • Control the Boot Process
  • System recovery techniques
  • Fundamental LDAP
  • Installation and maintenance LDAP daemon
  • Network user accounts with LDAP
  • Automated installations of Linux Enterprise
  • Fundamental of Virtual Machine
  • Installation and maintenance virtual machine
  • NFS (Network File System)
  • Summary and Q&A

Day 3

  • Fundamental DHCP
  • Installation and manage DHCP service
  • Fundamental NTP service
  • Installation and manage NTP service
  • Fundamental Web server
  • Installation and manage web server
  • Fundamental Web proxy
  • Installation and manage Squid web proxy
  • Fundamental Mysql database server
  • Installation and manage Mysql database via PhpMyadmin
  • Fundamental Cacti
  • Installation and manage Cacti
  • System management tool (webmin)
  • Installation and manage webmin
  • Summary and Q&A

Already take course Linux System Administrator I (LNX01) or familiar and more experience Linux system basic.