Linux Shell Programming


2  Days


19,500  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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  • Course gives an introduction to the writing of UNIX Shell scripts using the Korn and Bash shells and to the more advanced features of UNIX. 
  • Although based on the version of UNIX/LINUX running on a desktop PC, the principles learnt may be applied to all other versions of UNIX including Linux, AIX, HP-UX and SCO. 
  • The course takes the format of a workshop, with a mix of lecture, working examples and practical exercises. Although the content may be customized, at least 1 day is normally needed to cover the core elements. 
  • Full course notes are provided along with sample script files and free software tools for use in accessing a UNIX/LINUX server
  • Introduction/Review of Basics 
  • Using Variables 
  • Integer Arithmetic 
  • Handing Run Time Data 
  • Condition Execution 
  • Loop Constructs 
  • Multi-Branch Decisions 
  • Functions 
  • Interrupt Handing 
  • Additional Features and Facilities 
  • Moving Data 

The target audience for this training course is as follows:   

  • This intermediate course is for experienced system administrators, programmers, application developers, and end users. 
  • Programmers, system administrators and technical support staff who need to become proficient at scripting in the Linux/Unix environment. 
  • IT professionals and UNIX end-users who need to familiarize themselves with the UNIX shell environment.