Horizon 8: Virtual Desktop Troubleshooting


2  Days


31,000  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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This two-day course builds your skills in resolving common issues that occur in a VMware Horizon® environment. You will engage in a series of lab exercises to bring existing environment issues to resolution. The exercises mirror real-world troubleshooting use cases. These exercises equip learners with the knowledge and practical skills to manage typical challenges faced by Tier 1 virtual desktop administrators and operators.  

This course also provides a challenge lab designed to present participants with virtual desktops issues that may arise in actual Horizon environments. The lab objective is to put into practice the contents covered during the training to create a working environment.

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Implement a structured approach to troubleshooting
  • Resolve common issues that occur in a VMware Horizon environment
  • Describe key Horizon Connection Server features that are available as CLI options with the vdmadmin command
  • Identify the log locations for each VMware Horizon component
  • Identify procedures to diagnose and fix problems related to the creation and use of VMs and desktop pools
  • Discuss how to troubleshoot problems related to linked cloned VMs
  • Discuss how to troubleshoot problems related to instant clone VMs
  • Identify steps that you can follow to solve problems related to Horizon Client
  • Discuss troubleshooting techniques for common client connection issues
  • Discuss troubleshooting steps applicable to device redirection in VMware Horizon
  • Course Introduction
  • Overview of Virtual Desktop and Application Virtualization Troubleshooting
  • Command-Line Tools and Backup Options
  • Troubleshooting Machines and Desktops
  • Troubleshooting Horizon Linked Clone Desktops
  • Troubleshooting Instant Clones
  • Troubleshooting Horizon Client
  • Troubleshooting Common Client Connection Issues
  • Troubleshooting Device Redirection

New or junior administrators and operators; system managers accountable for staffing and training Horizon operators and administrators.

Customers attending this course should have, at a minimum, the following VMware infrastructure skills:

  • Use VMware vSphere® Web Client to view the state of virtual machines, datastores, and networks
  • Open a virtual machine console on VMware vCenter Server® and access the guest operating system

Attendees should also have the following Microsoft Windows system administration experience:

  • Configure Active Directory services, including DNS, DHCP, and time synchronization
  • Restrict user activities by implementing Group Policy objects
  • Configure Windows systems to enable Remote Desktop Connections
  • Build an ODBC connection to an SQL Server database