IT Project Management


4  Days


52,000  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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Information technology (IT) project has characterized by relatively unique and distinct manner. The aim of this course is to provide the knowledge about the fundamentals and best practices of initiating and implementing methodologies related to IT project management, as well as the common mistakes found in IT projects, and appropriate solutions (management of changing customer needs as much as possible) as well as understanding key skills. This course provides the benefits in terms of the project delivery on time within the limited budget while meeting as many of the customers' requirements as possible.

The course covers IT projects and related topics such as hardware, software, vendor relationships (seller relationships), and mechanisms and methods for communicating with individuals at various levels, including working together with local individuals and remote team (distance working), understanding of the fundamentals of successful project implementation with a complete and clear scope of operations, forming a team of key stakeholders, and managing stakeholder expectations, as well as the ability to manage potential IT risks in a standardized, high-quality, and cost-effective manner.

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Starting a Project
  • Project Planning
  • Demonstrates methods and techniques for requirements gathering
  • How to write a Project plan using software/program (MS Project à Project plan)
  • Different ways to present a Project (Scope/ Timeframe / Resources / Budget)
  • Different methods of project communication Methods for risk analysis and risk management
  • Project execution
  • Project Controls
  • Supervision and monitoring project (Project management plan)
  • Project Closure
  • Generalized body of knowledge in project


IT Professionals, IT Project Managers, Corporate IT Leaders, IT Employees, IT Related Project Managers, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Analysts, Project Leaders, Senior Project Managers, Team Members, Product Managers (Strategic Planning), including Program Managers and General Supervisors.