Certified Digital & Social Sales Professional


4  Days


48,000  Baht (Exclusive of VAT 7%)
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The Digital Marketing Institute has collaborated with digital industry experts to design and develop a structured syllabus and complementary learning materials that are informed by essential innovative techniques and best practices in digital & social selling.

By earning this certification, you will be able to:

  • Acquire more qualified prospects
  • Reduce lead times and nurture leads more effectively
  • Achieve a more balanced pipeline
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Develop your online brand by creating and promoting relevant content
  • Build solid relationships online, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business
  • Adapt the tone, style and type of your content based on your target audience
  • Optimize territory and pipeline analysis and define growth strategies
  • Maximize the impact of your digital & social selling with the use of CRM tools, digital tools and social media platforms
  • Understand how to lead the implementation of a digital sales strategy in your organization



Through dynamic video presentations, and practical learning activities including tutorials and exercises, you will acquire a hands-on learning experience that will enable you to devise and execute an advanced digital & social selling strategy.

There are ten modules in the certification:

Introduction to Digital & Social Selling
The Introduction to Digital & Social Selling will help you understand the concept of digital & social selling, how it has transformed the sales process, and how you can leverage advanced tools and techniques to become a prolific digital seller. You will understand the difference between traditional and digital & social selling methods and the benefits that can be gained from adopting a digital & social selling approach to your current sales activities.

Digital Research
The Digital Research module will equip you with the research tools and techniques needed to develop a well-informed digital & social selling strategy for your product or service. Starting with your view of the customer, you will learn how to research both digitally and socially, to identify market trends and influencing factors affecting customers within your industry. This will help you to answer the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ for your target market.

Sales Enablement
The Sales Enablement module teaches you about the advanced features and functionality of a range of social media platforms to enable your digital & social selling process. This module will show you how to use your digital research in tandem with these tools and platforms in order to target key decision makers and capture vital information for your CRM.

The Social Content Module will enable digital sellers to engage potential and existing buyers with relevant, informative content that will drive them into action. You will learn how to determine what kind of content is needed for different customer types and how to establish the most appropriate tone, style and method of distribution for your content.

Digital Sales Messaging
The Engagement module will focus on building relationships with leads in the most effective way over an entire customer life-cycle, from an initial introduction and nurture of cold contacts, to hot prospects that are ready to buy. You know how to target the right contacts by categorizing them based on demographics and behavior, now you will learn how to engage with these groups of contacts at the right time, with a message that matters to them.

Social Account Management
In the Social Account Management module, you will learn about how social media has transformed the concept of customer service, posing both challenges and opportunities when it comes to interacting with prospects and customers. Upon studying this module, you will understand what is involved in creating and maintaining a meaningful dialogue between you and your customer. You will learn how to carry out prioritization exercises and filter social messages to differentiate between high and low priority interactions. You will be able to align this prioritization with your digital & social selling objectives while navigating a multi-channel customer service environment.

Digital Sales Leadership
The purpose of the Digital Sales Leadership module is to empower and guide managers and aspiring leaders as they transition from a traditional sale to a digital sales strategy. It will help you to understand the importance of adopting a digital & social selling approach to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving sales landscape. The module will show you how to gain executive sponsorship by building a business case for digital & social selling within your organization. You will learn the methods of educating, training and supporting your sales force to leverage their networks and build relationships to accelerate sales.

Integration & Strategy
The Integration & Strategy module will teach sales leaders and those aspiring to a leadership level, how to research, construct and integrate an effective and  ptimized digital sales strategy within an organization. You will learn how to conduct an all-inclusive analysis of your territories, identifying information such as key trends in geos and top prospects. You will be able to leverage this research to clarify what drives customers to buy, to understand their needs and motivations, and use this insight to determine your selling goals and objectives.

  • Salespeople, Consultants and Sales Representatives of all levels
  • Business Development Executives and Managers
  • Account Managers, Relationship Managers and those leading sales teams
  • Anyone looking to develop their digital sales capabilities and consolidate their practical application of digital tools and social selling techniques